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Author Topic: Join This Website! Read to see why  (Read 106 times)

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Join This Website! Read to see why
« on: August 17, 2012, 03:30:07 pm »
Dude this website is just starting up, so why not give it a chance! YOu know how kool it is to be one of the first peeps here! Join, now. Sign up please? Come on! DO it! Now! If you do it I'll wuv you for ever! Probably not but still! Please sign up! Im begging! Pleading! Pretty please? Why not? YOu did? Then post something! What was that ? YOu didn't? You really got me with that one.....well every hour you don't sign up I'll kill a duck! Or maybe a penguin, no not a penguin.....they're sickening when they throw up into each others mouth! Lol. DO all birds do that? I'll ask the next scientist I see......wait why would the next scientist I see know? Not all scientist study birds, if you didn't catch that the you need to sign up! Can you imagine if all scientists did study birds? We would have probably learned how to grow wings! And everything we made would be based on birds! Sign up! No We don't do subliminal messages...do we 'Sign Up'......well because of you a duck died...yea I was still doing that, and next I'll eat a dog....no I won't. I love dogs to much. Especially pit bulls, they can be so nice and sweet if you dont teach them to be dangerious! Now I want to eat my pet pit bull tator....thanks alot.....will you sign up while I go eat him? Okay BRB...........................Did you sign up? I have him on low while I check to see if you signed up....if you sign up you can save him! Probably.....I think....no I'm definatley gonna eat him.....but it'll be kool if you join.....please? Sign up! Join! Don't hover over the next spoiler!
Spoiler (hover to show)
I thought the last one would've go you! You should just join! Please just join! Now! Im beggin! Do it! For my bestest friends? I can't stand to see her heart broken, if you could donate some cash to me that would be kool to! Plz if you'd joined by now you could've posted a rpley by now! But if you dont you cant! I'm gonna pee in my pants until I you do! Please don't make me pee in my pants! Please! I'm begging you for real this time! Now! Before! Too late.......I hate you........I will post the rest of this after  more members join!

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