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Title: The Roaring Rogues (Info Thread)
Post by: Ocy on June 01, 2013, 05:52:57 pm
The Roaring Rogues

Tough Rogues packs that are known for their, hasty and quick, battle tactics and their Exquisite accents. They are nomadic, meaning they live where they travel, the open plains, damp marshes, flourishing wetlands, thickets of bushes and dense trees, anywhere. This also gives them a good overall advantage in their battles, unlike the Fourclans who all have specific specialties, though they've never encountered them...Yet.

The Rogue Look:
They're especially well known for their jet black pelts with green eyes. The gene pool has gotten more slim, though some unique genes are still alive in the pack. They have shorter claws that are more well rounded but, with this, the have an advantage with climbing, the true thing the excel at. The tend to have long tail, a long canine teeth, that make for quick work of prey and other cats. Strong and define muscles but short legs as well, they're built for direct assaults. They'd be one intimidating bunch if you saw them.

Founded by a handful of cats (Would that be one? XD) that were temporally bounded together due to the large amount of Apex Cats all around. And this brought them closer together, they slowly learned how to adapt and fight better. Their surrounding made them tougher, as did their souls. Over time, the began moving around to help survive better and support the growing population in the pack. Taking Clan territories and leaving small groups of cats behind, some of which started clans of their own, one which excelled at being vicious but that's a different tale. Until they came to their current home, the Ex-Territory of the Tribe Of Flowing Lakes.

Rank: (Parenthesis are how you would say it in their native language, such as phrases.)
You've probably been dying to hear this part.
  • The Leader/ The Alpha Spawn:
    No Current Leader
    Small Description: They're not trained, they're born leaders. The fittest and best take this position by killing the previous.
  • The Deputy/ The Beta Spawn (Zweiter Kommandant):
    No Current Deputy
    Small Description: Trained by an Alpha directly, consider a high honor but has draw backs. Such as long quests to prove qualification.
  • The Medicine Cat/ The Medico:
    No Current Medico
    Small Description: A cat well acquainted with the sicknesses of life, this cat is usually old and well experienced. The cat must bare the responsibilities of any normal medicine cat.
  • The Amasser (Verstehen):
    No Current Amasser
    Small Description: The Glue in the pack, this cat has to be very understanding and should be aware of the packs feelings and morale. It'll be a sad day when this cat's spirits are down.
  • The Warrior/ The Brawler (Krieger):
    No Current Warriors
    Small Description: The everyday fighters and protectors that would die without hesitation if it means another moment of existence for the pack.
  • The Queen/ The Bearer (Träger):
    No Current Bearers
    Small Description: The kitten givers in the pack, the lovers of toms, and the fiercest of all. It's a greater honor to bear a kit then it is to defeat five foes with one paw behind you back.
  • The Kitten/ The Katze or Kat (Zeit Katze):
    No Current Kats
    Small Description: The future soldiers of the pack, they will become some of the most noble and honored cats of tomorrow.

Slight W.I.P.
Title: Re: The Roaring Rogues (Info Thread)
Post by: Silverstar on June 14, 2013, 05:28:41 pm
I love it. :3 It's so well written, too. I don't normally post very large. The other day I wrote an article for the Radicalclan (you've heard of them right?) Newsletter, but it was tiny in comparison to this!

Title: Re: The Roaring Rogues (Info Thread)
Post by: Ocy on June 14, 2013, 09:43:32 pm
 :D  Thanks for the compliments but really, it isn't much. I the hardest part was deciding the words to use for the positions, because they're another language.
Title: Re: The Roaring Rogues (Info Thread)
Post by: Silverstar on June 15, 2013, 03:19:46 pm
Yah, I'd never put that stuff in a clan, mostly because I'm lazy though.
Title: Re: The Roaring Rogues (Info Thread)
Post by: Ocy on June 22, 2013, 02:17:56 am
Every clan needs something to make it a bit more unique :)